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Lean Flame Stabilization Ring

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Technology Marketing SummaryRobert Cheng at Berkeley National Laboratory has developed a means for retrofitting existing burners to burn lean, premixed natural gas/air mixtures to reduce NOx emissions without sacrificing efficiency and burner design simplicity.DescriptionNew burner designs can also incorporate the basic principle of this device. This technology answers the needs of meeting clean air standards by application of a simple and economic method to reduce the emission of pollutants. This Berkeley National Laboratory device is best suited for small- to medium-sized water heaters and forced-air furnaces.Benefits
  • Allows natural gas burners to burn lean
  • Economical, simple retrofit
  • Meets clean air standards
Applications and Industries
  • Small-to-medium water heater and forced-air furnace retrofits
  • Reduction of air pollution
Patents and Patent Applications
ID Number
Title and Abstract
Primary Lab
Patent 5,516,280
Apparatus and method for burning a lean, premixed fuel/air mixture with low NOx emission
An apparatus for enabling a burner to stably burn a lean fuel/air mixture. The burner directs the lean fuel/air mixture in a stream. The apparatus comprises an annular flame stabilizer; and a device for mounting the flame stabilizer in the fuel/air mixture stream. The burner may include a body having an internal bore, in which case, the annular flame stabilizer is shaped to conform to the cross-sectional shape of the bore, is spaced from the bore by a distance greater than about 0.5 mm, and the mounting device mounts the flame stabilizer in the bore. An apparatus for burning a gaseous fuel with low NOx emissions comprises a device for premixing air with the fuel to provide a lean fuel/air mixture; a nozzle having an internal bore through which the lean fuel/air mixture passes in a stream; and a flame stabilizer mounted in the stream of the lean fuel/air mixture. The flame stabilizer may be mounted in the internal bore, in which case, it is shaped and is spaced from the bore as just described. In a method of burning a lean fuel/air mixture, a lean fuel/air mixture is provided, and is directed in a stream; an annular eddy is created in the stream of the lean fuel/air mixture; and the lean fuel/air mixture is ignited at the eddy.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 05/14/1996
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