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Scalable, Efficient Solid Waste Burner System

Colorado State University

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Technology Marketing Summary

A system that effectively burns solid human waste where traditional waste management practices are not viable, such as forward-operation military bases.


This innovation is a semi-gasifier, burner device to process solid waste, particularly solid human waste. Developed by combustion experts at CSU, the device is superior to other systems and achieves improved gasification and combustion of biomass and waste through novel chassis design and process.
By optimizing many elements in concert, this innovation is able to more completely and efficiently dispose of human solid waste while utilizing the exhaust to enhance the drying of the fuel upstream of the burner. Notable improvements in the areas of: primary & secondary air packaging designs, dimension ratios, combustion chamber design, air-vent design, igniter design, and others.
This innovation provides a scalable waste treatment system for humanitarian, industrial, municipal, and military applications. In particular, it presents an attractive alternative to the current solid waste disposal systems utilized in forward-operation military bases.

  • Improved gasification and combustion through optimization of multiple design components
  • Scalable, efficient, effective
Applications and Industries

Applicable anywhere traditional solid waste disposal practices are not viable (e.g., forward operating military bases)

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