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Nonflammable, Controlled Delivery of Performance-improving SLMP® Particles to Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Technology Marketing Summary

Berkeley Lab researchers led by Gao Liu have developed a lithium ion battery fabrication technology that will deliver stabilized lithium metal powder (SLMP®) to the surface of electrodes without using highly volatile and flammable solvents.


In addition to addressing battery manufacturers’ solvent flammability problem, the dry process attains fine control over the SLMP® deposition such that a precise, thin coating can be added to an electrode surface. The technology does not create SLMP® dust during the delivery process.

During the manufacture of advanced battery lithium-ion electrodes, SLMP® is added to the electrode surface to raise its Coulombic Efficiency and improve cycle performance. However, conventional manufacturing processes apply this powder using a slurry mixed with highly volatile and flammable solvents such as hexane and toluene. This new Berkeley Lab technology overcomes the limitations and safety concerns of the conventional process.

  • Reduces fire hazard from flammable solvents
  • No VOC emissions
  • Scalable, low cost, continuous manufacturing process
Applications and Industries
  • Lithium ion batteries for hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles
  • Rechargeable batteries for consumer electronic, cordless tools, etc.
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