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HELM™ Flow

Holomorphic Embedded Load flow Method

Battelle Memorial Institute

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PDF Document PublicationHELM™ Flow Brochure (1,017 KB)

PDF Document PublicationUS Patent 7519506B2 (159 KB)

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Technology Marketing Summary


HELM™ Flow is a simulation and analysis tool for transmission and distribution power systems. It provides the analyst with unique powerful capabilities thanks to the underlying algorithms based on HELM™, the Holomorphic Embedded Load flow Method. Unlike other methods, HELM™ power flow is non-iterative and always guarantees finding the correct operational solution (and unambiguously detects when there is no solution). With HELM™ you will never have to worry about convergence issues in the numerical iteration, because there is no iteration at all. Additionally, thanks to the novel mathematical foundations underlying the method, HELM™ Flow provides new diagnostic capabilities that help immensely when analyzing large and complex cases.




Modeling capabilities

  • Provides standard modeling capabilities, compatible with Siemens PSS®E and GE PSLF, among others.

Graphics and reporting

  • Provides an extensive selection of user-friendly network diagrams, charts, and table data sheets, all of them enabled for easy navigation through the network.

Standard power flow computation

  • Computes power flows using the HELM™ method, not the Newton–Raphson method.

P-V and Q-V curves

  • Computes P-V and Q-V curves with accuracy up to the collapse point, with greater guarantees than continuation methods.

Diagnostic power flows

  • Computes pure-reactive (Q-HELM) and R=0 (PQ-HELM) power flows for diagnostics.

Graphical diagnostic capabilities

  • Provides unique, patented Sigma Plots for quick qualitative assessment of the distance to voltage collapse, allowing analysis even for completely collapsed cases where there is no actual solution. The buses responsible for the collapse can be easily identified.

Other diagnostic capabilities

  • Provides automated diagnostics on the model, such as checks for abnormal parameters or data consistency errors.


  • Most activities in HELM™ Flow can be automated via easy to use scripts written in JavaScript.





Deterministic solution to the load flow equation

  • HELM constructs a solution rather than finding a solution
  • HELM determines whether a solution exists or not

HELM provides operationally correct solutions

  • The physical solution that is allowed out of 2N  solutions
  • The practical solution that minimizes losses in the network

HELM works even as you approach voltage collapse

  • Iterative methods suffer from the fractal structure of the seed space
  • As you approach voltage collapse, seed space is filled with points that will not provide the solution.

 Rich information is given when no solution exists

  • The sigma approximant solves even when the voltage problem has no solution

No “seed” is required to get to a solution

  • Under any possible real world condition, HELM can determine a solution  – With HELM, you can react quickly to change (Eg. during an event)

No need for a new seed solution or expert systems

  • Optimized paths can be built from one state to another



Applications and Industries


HELM™ Flow is recommended for:

  • Transmission Planners
  • Transmission Operators
  • Utility Consultants



More Information


As our grid environment becomes ever more complex and uncertain, operators need load-flow results they can always trust. To meet this need, Battelle and Gridquant are bringing new decision-making tools to grid operators. The proprietary HELM™ (Holomorphic Embedding Load-Flow Method) suite of grid management tools provides accurate, reliable data under even high-stress conditions. Battelle utilizes HELM™ transmission grid management tools to help you:

  • Preserve power quality
  • Increase security and operational efficiency
  • Reduce blackouts and power disturbances
  • Detect Errors in Model and SCADA Data
  • Identify and Solve Limit Violations
  • Perform Contingency Analysis
  • Develop and Assess Restoration Plans Grid Solutions


Technology Status
Development StageAvailabilityPublishedLast Updated
LicensedAvailable - Seat Licenses Available03/04/201403/31/2014

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