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Combinations of fluorinated solvents with imide salts or methide salts for electrolytes

United States Patent

November 10, 2015
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Provided are electrochemical cells and electrolytes used to build such cells. The electrolytes include imide salts and/or methide salts as well as fluorinated solvents capable of maintaining single phase solutions at between about C. to about C. The fluorinated solvents, such as fluorinated carbonates, fluorinated esters, and fluorinated esters, are less flammable than their non-fluorinated counterparts and improve safety characteristics of cells containing these solvents. The amount of fluorinated solvents in electrolytes may be between about 30% and 80% by weight not accounting weight of the salts. Linear and cyclic imide salts, such as LiN(SO.sub.2CF.sub.2CF.sub.3).sub.2, and LiN(SO.sub.2CF.sub.3).sub.2, as well as methide salts, such as LiC(SO.sub.2CF.sub.3).sub.3 and LiC(SO.sub.2CF.sub.2CF.sub.3).sub.3, may be used in these electrolytes. Fluorinated alkyl groups enhance solubility of these salts in the fluorinated solvents. In some embodiments, the electrolyte may also include a flame retardant, such as a phosphazene, and/or one or more ionic liquids.
Tikhonov; Konstantin (Pleasanton, CA), Yip; Ka Ki (San Leandro, CA), Lin; Tzu-Yuan (San Jose, CA), Lei; Norman (San Francisco, CA), Guerrero-Zavala; Guillermo (San Jose, CA), Kwong; Kristie W. (San Francisco, CA)
A123 Systems LLC (Waltham, MA)
13/ 910,105
June 4, 2013
GOVERNMENT LICENSE RIGHTS This invention was made with government support under DE-SC0005117 awarded by the Department of Energy. The government has certain rights in the invention.