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Carbonitride based phosphors and light emitting devices using the same

United States Patent

August 20, 2013
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Disclosed herein is a novel group of carbidonitride phosphors and light emitting devices which utilize these phosphors. In certain embodiments, the present invention is directed to a novel family of carbidonitride-based phosphors expressed as follows: Ca.sub.1-xAl.sub.x-xySi.sub.1-x+xyN.sub.2-x-xyC.sub.xy:A; (1) Ca.sub.1-x-zNa.sub.zM(III).sub.x-xy-zSi.sub.1-x+xy+zN.sub.2-x-xyC.sub.xy:- A; (2) M(II).sub.1-x-zM(I).sub.zM(III).sub.x-xy-zSi.sub.1-x+xy+zN.sub.2-x- -xyC.sub.xy:A; (3) M(II).sub.1-x-zM(I).sub.zM(III).sub.x-xy-zSi.sub.1-x+xy+zN.sub.2-x-xy-2w/- 3C.sub.xyO.sub.w-v/2H.sub.v:A; and (4) M(II).sub.1-x-zM(I).sub.zM(III).sub.x-xy-zSi.sub.1-x+xy+zN.sub.2-x-xy-2w/- 3-v/3C.sub.xyO.sub.wH.sub.v:A, (4a) wherein 0<x<1, 0<y<1, 0.ltoreq.z<1, 0.ltoreq.v<1, 0<w<1, x+z<1, x>xy+z, and 0<x-xy-z<1, M(II) is at least one divalent cation, M(I) is at least one monovalent cation, M(III) is at least one trivalent cation, H is at least one monovalent anion, and A is a luminescence activator doped in the crystal structure.
Li; Yuanqiang (Plainsboro, NJ), Tian; Yongchi (Princeton Junction, NJ), Romanelli; Michael Dennis (North Plainfield, NJ)
Lightscape Materials, Inc. (Princeton, NJ)
12/ 839,365
July 19, 2010
GOVERNMENT FUNDING This invention was made with United States Government support under Department of Energy grant number DE-EE0003245. The United States Government may have certain rights in this invention.