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Process for the production of liquid hydrocarbons

United States Patent

June 27, 2006
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The present invention concerns a process for the preparation of liquid hydrocarbons which process comprises contacting synthesis gas with a slurry of solid catalyst particles and a liquid in a reactor vessel by introducing the synthesis gas at a low level into the slurry at conditions suitable for conversion of the synthesis gas into liquid hydrocarbons, the solid catalyst particles comprising a catalytic active metal selected from cobalt or iron on a porous refractory oxide carrier, preferably selected from silica, alumina, titania, zirconia or mixtures thereof, the catalyst being present in an amount between 10 and 40 vol. percent based on total slurry volume liquids and solids, and separating liquid material from the solid catalyst particles by using a filtration system comprising an asymmetric filtration medium (the selective side at the slurry side), in which filtration system the average pressure differential over the filtration medium is at least 0.1 bar, in which process the particle size distribution is such that at least a certain amount of the catalyst particles is smaller than the average pore size of the selective layer of the filtration medium. The invention also comprises an apparatus to carry out the process described above.
Bhatt; Bharat Lajjaram (Fogelsville, PA), Engel; Dirk Coenraad (Amsterdam, NL), Heydorn; Edward Clyde (Macungie, PA), Senden; Matthijis Maria Gerardus (Amsterdam, NL)
Shell Oil Company (Houston, TX)
10/ 482,724
July 3, 2002
GOVERNMENT RIGHTS The U.S. Government has a paid-up license to this invention and the right in limited circumstances to require the patent owner to license others on reasonable terms as provided for by the terms of DOE contract DE-FC-22-95PC93052 awarded by the Department of Energy.