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Devices and methods for applying liquid coatings to substrates

United States Patent Application

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Liquid film dies for coating of substrates with thin films of fluid have substantially constant fluid path geometry fluid passages leading to fluid outlet orifices. A fluid film applicator for applying a film of a fluid onto a substrate includes a dispensing head which dispenses the fluid so that the fluid is deposited as a continuous sheet on the substrate, and a meniscus forming member that controls the thickness of the fluid in the continuous sheet. The dispensing head may include upper and lower plates with a fluid channel between, the plates being offset and positioned relative to the meniscus former. A variable contour dispensing head has movable dispensers which feed coating fluid to a common slot, and the slot can be deformed to correspond to the shape of the surface being coated.
Tonazzi, Juan C. Lopez (Tucson, AZ), Zhang, Raymond (Tucson, AZ), LeCompte, Robert S. (Tucson, AZ)
10/ 136,074
April 29, 2002
[0002] This invention was made in part with government support under grant no. DE-FC36-95G010069 awarded by the Department of Energy. The United States government has certain rights in the invention.