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Fabrication of Stable Electrode/Diffusion Barrier Layers for Thermoelectric Filled Skutterudite Devices

United States Patent Application

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Disclosed are methods for the manufacture of n-type and p-type filled skutterudite thermoelectric legs of an electrical contact. A first material of CoSi.sub.2 and a dopant are ball-milled to form a first powder which is thermo-mechanically processed with a second powder of n-type skutterudite to form a n-type skutterudite layer disposed between a first layer and a third layer of the doped-CoSi.sub.2. In addition, a plurality of components such as iron, and nickel, and at least one of cobalt or chromium are ball-milled form a first powder that is thermo-mechanically processed with a p-type skutterudite layer to form a p-type skutterudite layer "second layer" disposed between a first and a third layer of the first powder. The specific contact resistance between the first layer and the skutterudite layer for both the n-type and the p-type skutterudites subsequent to hot-pressing is less than about 10.0 .
Jie, Qing (Houston, TX), Ren, Zhifeng (Houston, TX), Chen, Gang (Cambridge, MA)
University of Houston System (Houston TX), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge MA)
15/ 627,593
June 20, 2017
STATEMENT REGARDING FEDERALLY SPONSORED RESEARCH OR DEVELOPMENT [0002] This work is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy under award number DE-EE0005806.