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Low Temperature Superconductor and Aligned High Temperature Superconductor Magnetic Dipole System and Method for Producing High Magnetic Fields

United States Patent Application

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A dipole-magnet system and method for producing high-magnetic-fields, including an open-region located in a radially-central-region to allow particle-beam transport and other uses, low-temperature-superconducting-coils comprised of low-temperature-superconducting-wire located in radially-outward-regions to generate high magnetic-fields, high-temperature-superconducting-coils comprised of high-temperature-superconducting-tape located in radially-inward-regions to generate even higher magnetic-fields and to reduce erroneous fields, support-structures to support the coils against large Lorentz-forces, a liquid-helium-system to cool the coils, and electrical-contacts to allow electric-current into and out of the coils. The high-temperature-superconducting-tape may be comprised of bismuth-strontium-calcium-copper-oxide or rare-earth-metal, barium-copper-oxide (ReBCO) where the rare-earth-metal may be yttrium, samarium, neodymium, or gadolinium. Advantageously, alignment of the large-dimension of the rectangular-cross-section or curved-cross-section of the high-temperature-superconducting-tape with the high-magnetic-field minimizes unwanted erroneous magnetic fields. Alignment may be accomplished by proper positioning, tilting the high-temperature-superconducting-coils, forming the high-temperature-superconducting-coils into a curved-cross-section, placing nonconducting wedge-shaped-material between windings, placing nonconducting curved-and-wedge-shaped-material between windings, or by a combination of these techniques.
GUPTA, RAMESH (Shoreham, NY), Scanlan, Ronald (Ramona, CA), Ghosh, Arup K. (Shoreham, NY), Weggel, Robert J. (Reading, MA), Palmer, Robert (Shoreham, NY), Anerella, Michael D. (Jamaica Estates, NY), Schmalzle, Jesse (Shoreham, NY)
15/ 041,333
February 11, 2016
STATEMENT REGARDING FEDERALLY SPONSORED RESEARCH OR DEVELOPMENT [0007] The present application was made with government support under contract numbers DE-ACO2-98CH 10886 and DE-SC0012704 awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy. This invention was made under a CRADA C-14-03 between Particle Beam Lasers, Inc. and Brookhaven National Laboratory operated for the United States Department of Energy. The United States government has certain rights in the invention(s).