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Back Contact Layer for Photovoltaic Cells

United States Patent Application

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A photovoltaic cell structure is disclosed that includes a back contact layer that includes single wall carbon nanotube elements. The single wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) back contact is in electrical communication with an adjacent semiconductor layer and provides a buffer characteristic that impedes elemental metal migration from the back contact into the semiconductor active layers. In one embodiment, the SWNT back contact includes a semiconductor characteristic and a buffer characteristic. In another embodiment, the SWNT back contact further includes a metallic characteristic.
Heben, Michael J. (Ottawa Hills, OH), Phillips, Adam B. (Toledo, OH), Khanal, Rajendra R. (Toledo, OH), Plotnikov, Victor V. (Toledo, OH), Compaan, Alvin D. (Holland, OH)
The University of Toledo (Toledo OH)
14/ 421,718
August 13, 2013
[0002] This invention was made with government support under Grant Number DE-SC0006349, awarded by the Department of Energy. The government has certain rights in the invention.