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Cellulolytic Enzyme Compositions and Uses Thereof

United States Patent Application

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The present invention relates enzyme composition comprising a cellulolytic preparation and an acetylxylan esterase (AXE); and the used of cellulolytic enzyme compositions for hydrolyzing acetylated cellulosic material. Finally the invention also relates to processes of producing fermentation products from acetylated cellulosic materials using a cellulolytic enzyme composition of the invention.
Iyer, Prashant (Raleigh, NC), Gaspar, Armindo Ribiero (Rolesville, NC), Croonenberghs, James (Durham, NC), Binder, Thomas P. (Decatur, IL)
14/ 343,002
September 21, 2012
STATEMENT AS TO RIGHTS TO INVENTIONS MADE UNDER FEDERALLY SPONSORED RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT [0001] This invention was made with Government support under Department of Energy Grant No: DE-EE0002870. The government has certain rights in this invention.