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United States Patent Application

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A system and method for particle enlargement with continuously wetted wicks includes a container into which a flow of particle-laden air is introduced in a laminar manner through an inlet and to an outlet. The container has a first section, a second section and a third section though which the particle-laden air flows between the inlet and the outlet. The temperature of the second section is warmer than that of the first section at the inlet and the third section at the outlet. In one embodiment, a continuous wick spanning an interior wall of the first second, second section and third section, said wick being capable of internally transporting liquid water along its length is provided. Alternatively, a wick characterized by a bubble point pressure has one side in contact with air and an opposing side mounted adjacent to the interior wall of a housing with a gap formed between the wick and the housing, wherein the wick is used with a water reservoir such that the pressure difference between the air flow and the water filled gap is less than the bubble point pressure of the wick material.
Hering, Susanne Vera (Berkeley, CA), Spielman, Steven Russel (Oakland, CA), Lewis, Gregory Stephen (Berkeley, CA), Kreisberg, Nathan Michael (Richmond, CA)
Aerosol Dynamics Inc. (Berkeley CA)
14/ 043,455
October 1, 2013
GOVERNMENT LICENSE RIGHTS [0003] This technology was made with government support under Grant No. RC3ES19081 from the National Institute of Environmental Health, and DE-SC0006312 and DE-SC00469 from the U.S. Department of Energy. The government has certain rights in the technology.