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Controlled Fabrication of Semiconductor-Metal Hybrid Nano-Heterostructures via Site-Selective Metal Photodeposition

United States Patent Application

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A method of synthesizing colloidal semiconductor-metal hybrid heterostructures is disclosed. The method includes dissolving semiconductor nanorods in a solvent to form a nanorod solution, and adding a precursor solution to the nanorod solution. The precursor solution contains a metal. The method further includes illuminating the combined precursor and nanorod solutions with light of a specific wavelength. The illumination causes the deposition of the metal in the precursor solution onto the surface of the semiconductor nanorods.
Vela Becerra, Javier (Ames, IA), Ruberu, T. Purnima A. (Ames, IA)
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc. (Ames IA)
13/ 733,975
January 4, 2013
STATEMENT REGARDING FEDERALLY SPONSORED RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT [0002] This invention was made in part with Government support under Grant Number DE-AC02-07CH11358 awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The Government has certain rights in this invention.