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Checkpointing in Speculative Versioning Caches

United States Patent Application

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Mechanisms for generating checkpoints in a speculative versioning cache of a data processing system are provided. The mechanisms execute code within the data processing system, wherein the code accesses cache lines in the speculative versioning cache. The mechanisms further determine whether a first condition occurs indicating a need to generate a checkpoint in the speculative versioning cache. The checkpoint is a speculative cache line which is made non-speculative in response to a second condition occurring that requires a roll-back of changes to a cache line corresponding to the speculative cache line. The mechanisms also generate the checkpoint in the speculative versioning cache in response to a determination that the first condition has occurred.
Eichenberger, Alexandre E. (Chappaqua, NY), Gara, Alan (Mount Kisco, NY), Gschwind, Michael K. (Chappaqua, NY), Ohmacht, Martin (Yorktown Heights, NY)
12/ 544,704
August 20, 2009
[0001] This invention was made with United States Government support under Contract No. B554331 awarded by the Department of Energy. The Government has certain rights in this invention.